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BYO server into Melbourne's state of the art data centre, Primus King Street. Co-location is a secure and environmentally controlled server or equipment hosting solution specifically designed to house ciritical information technology infrastructure. It not only offers your business a cost effective alternative to hosting business applications, but is a far more stable solution with it's multiple redundancies of power and high speed connectivity (99.99% uptime).

Service Monthly Cost
Per RU rack space $110.00
Extra power $40.00
Additional IP addresses $2.20
Features Monthly Cost
100MB ethernet port yes
24/7 emergency support yes
240 power outlet per RU yes
Dedicated IP address per RU yes
2 free escorted access visits per month yes
Online bandwidth statistics yes
Free setup yes
Data Plan 5GB 10GB 25GB 50GB 100GB
Monthly $20.00 $30.00 $60.00 $110.00 $220.00

Monthly data is calculated as inbound + outbound data, or twice the inbound data, whichever is greater. I.e. maximum inbound to outbound ratio is 1:1.
Excess data charged at $4.40 per GB.

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