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Virtual Dedicated Servers
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If your site has grown beyond a simple shared hosting account, but you don't want the hassle of maintaining your own dedicated server, then a virtual service could be what you need. Our Xen based Virtual Servers provide true dedicated hardware. Each servers resources are allocated exclusively, so you will not experience performance dips commonly experienced on similar oversold services that share resources.

Choose the plan that suits you, and easily upgrade or downgrade at any time. Data plans are to be added to any server.

Plan 256VDS 512VDS 1024VDS 2048VDS
Dedicated RAM 256MB 512MB 1024MB 2048MB
Raid protected disk space 10GB 20GB 40GB 80GB
CPU Cores 1 2 4 4
Dedicated IP Addresses 1 1 2 2
100MB Port yes yes yes yes
Remote Reboot yes yes yes yes
Monthly $13.75 $27.50 $55.00 $110.00
Quarterly $41.25 $82.50 $165.00 $330.00
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Data Plan 5GB 10GB 25GB 50GB 100GB
Monthly $20.00 $30.00 $60.00 $110.00 $220.00

Monthly data is calculated as inbound + outbound data, or twice the inbound data, whichever is greater. I.e. maximum inbound to outbound ratio is 1:1.
Excess data charged at $4.40 per GB. 
Extra storage $1.10 per GB

Currently supported operating system

  • Ubuntu
  • Centos

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